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The following rules and regulations have been adopted by The Haddon Field Club for the benefit and protection of all players. It is the responsibility of all members and their guests to adhere to and encourage compliance with all rules and policies. Any comments, grievances and/or complaints may be presented directly to any executive board member or by emailing

Court Sign-up

  • Contact Skedda coordinator to download app.

  • 1 hour for singles, 1 ½ hours for doubles


  • Park in our parking lot first before parking on street.

  • If parking on street, do not block neighbors’ driveways with your vehicle.

  • Parking area at right of entrance is for Handicapped and small cars.

  • Do not idle vehicle engines.


  • Players are required to wear appropriate tennis attire:  Shirts required; no cutoffs and no sports bras as tops.

  • Appropriate soft-court tennis sneakers must be worn on HarTru courts.

  • Use Tread Blasters to clean HarTru from sneakers before entering club house.

Club Etiquette

  • No alcohol or food on the courts.

  • No loud talking.

  • No profanity is permitted on Club premises.

  • Return errant balls from other courts promptly.

HarTru Courts

  • Sweep courts and clean lines prior to time of next court reservation.


  • Last person leaving club any time of day, lock kitchen, club house and gate.

  • Do not make copies of gate key.

  • Contact Treasurer for replacement key.


  • All guests must be registered PRIOR TO PLAY – guest fees will be billed to the host member.

  • All guests' full names must be printed in Guest Registry (located in the clubhouse) and signed by member.

  • No guest may play on club courts unless the host member is present and on the same court.

  • A guest may not play more than 6 times in one membership year, regardless of which member is host, unless they are house guests as defined below – all other rules and fees apply.  It is the responsibility of the host member to verify their guest’s frequency.

  • A member may not have more than 3 guests at one time.

  • Prior to 11 am on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, 50% of players on the court must be Club members.

  • House guests’ privileges may be granted at the discretion of the Vice President of Tennis.

  • House guests are defined as individuals who are guests in the member’s home and reside more than 20 miles from Haddonfield.

Email us:

Visit us: 10 Elm Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033

July 13, 2022

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